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  • Snorkeling Flippers- blue
  • Snorkeling Flippers- blue
  • Snorkeling Flippers- blue
  • Snorkeling Flippers- blue
Snorkeling Flippers- blueSnorkeling Flippers- blueSnorkeling Flippers- blueSnorkeling Flippers- blue

Snorkeling Flippers- blue

  • Item No.:F621
  • Customized: Yes
  • MOQ: 300pcs/ color
  • Delivery:10-22 days
  • Product description: Snorkeling Flippers

These fins are designed specifically for snorkeling. These fins are short, can bend up to 90 degrees, which makes them easy to kick and snorkel. It has a soft and comfortable material for hours of snorkeling fun. The adjustable strap allows a wide range of foot sizes.


  • Compact and Light Weight Short Fins - Travel-friendly design, fits in any suitcase or backpack for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Comes with a detachable strap so it is easy to store.
  • Adjustable Open Heel - Adjustable strap for almost all sizes
  • Powerful Propulsion with Minimum Effort - Gain enough thrust when kicking with rigid and wider designed fins in open-water and swimming pool.
  • Smooth Snorkeling Experience - Solid protection for feet from scraping against rocks and coral. Optimized anti-slip insole helps to focus on kicking and minimize fatigue.
  • Unique Stream Slot - Highly engineered dual slot system increase the thrust out of these fins when snorkeling and diving and enjoy fun in the water.


  • Colour: Black, Blue,Red,Silver
  • Materials: PP+TPR
  • Application: Snorkelling, Swimming, Diving
  • Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 8 cm


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