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AllDiveGears Silicon Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a diving manufacturer specializing in the production and design, production, sales and service in one of the entity facotry. Our company scuba diving team has more than 25 years experience of product design, development, production and processing .and we have professional design team, engineering department and mould department, plastic injection, liquid silicone mold. We are  a diving manufacturer specializing in the production and design of diving mask,full face snorkel mask,snorkel,fins,dive skins,swimming goggles and silicone cap etc. Our mission is to not only make our snorkeling gears affordable and easier to use, but also to make diving more enjoyable through our superior and innovative products. We take real pleasure in getting to share good dive gears with you.We believe you will happy with ours quality and service.


Contact: Libbie Chen

Phone: +86 15007896042

Tel: +86 15007896042

Email: libbie@alldivegears.com

Add: Qi Feng Industrial Area,Nan Kang Village,Qi Shi Town, Dongguan City,China

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